How to integrate the IoT into your building

14 February 2018

This webinar will provide an introduction to the way that the ‘connected world’ of the Internet of Things (IoT) creates cost gains over and above the core benefits of individual environmental systems. Connected systems interact one with another via the data harvesting software that analyses real-time building conditions, and feeds cross-platform information back into a building’s controls network.  It is these synergistic relationships that shift project cost planning beyond the conventional Return On Investment (ROI) calculations to offer gains not available to building management previously. The webinar will analyse the new terminology and highlight the system goals that enables us to look beyond traditional ROI targets. 

Learning points:

  • Define ‘Synergistic Building System’ and how it differs from building management systems and individual control solutions
  • Discuss the practical definition of IoT in the built world and the idea of a sensory network enabling the concept of the ‘Internet of Everything’ 
  • Comprehend how it relates to the idea of synergistic solutions, and plays into a buildings ROI story, and the advantages beyond just simple payback stories
  • Discuss the current market conditions surrounding the practical deployment of IoE and where the market is heading world-wide.

Audience: Building managers, Facilities managers, Energy managers, Consulting engineers, Lighting Designers, Architects 

Speaker: Michael Skurla, Vice President - Solution Architecture at Acuity Brands

Sponsor: eldoLED

Time: 1pm GMT , 7am CT , 5pm Dubai, 9pm HK



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