Wireless protocols in commercial lighting

Every revolution needs a leader and, due to the fragmentation of wireless communication, one needs to emerge quickly.

In this webinar we will examine how wireless communication is changing lighting.

We will consider the capabilities of new connectivity technologies and we will ask if a global wireless standard is needed for commercial lighting.

For an accompanying e-book on “A tale of five protocols" please click on the following link to download: 



Learning points:

  • Key strengths and weaknesses of the leading low-power wireless communication protocols
  • Major challenges  in the commercial lighting sector from the perspective of wireless communication
  • The concept concept of digital ceiling
  • What this year’s adoption of Bluetooth Mesh means for the lighting business 

Speaker: Simon Slupik, CTO and co-founder of Silvair, Chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG 

Sponsor: Silvair 

When: 19 April 2017 

Time: 1pm (UK) 4pm (UAE) 8pm (Hong Kong) 7am (CDT)


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