Lighting is changing…and so is LuxLive 2017

22 March 2017 1pm GMT

Lighting is changing. It’s undergoing a dramatic second revolution that’s creating a host of exciting new possibilities.

It can make spaces more human; it can engage with customers and it can deliver unprecedented levels of comfort, convenience and control.

LuxLive 2017 will reflect this exciting digital future of lighting with a whole new look, a raft of new features and the biggest educational programme on lighting the UK has ever seen.

So join our webcast to hear us reveal:

  • the latest state-of-the-market report from the experts at Strategies Unlimited 
  • insights on the key trends and drivers in the UK lighting market
  • our exciting plans for LuxLive 2017 

Lighting is changing. So keep up with the rapidly changing market by joining our free webcast

Speaker: Gordon Routledge, Lux Publisher

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