Emergency Testing

Testing of emergency lighting equipment is vital to ensure that everything is working properly. But its also a time-consuming and costly exercise. Automatic testing provides a more efficient way of proving that the emergency lighting is fit for purpose. This webinar will look at the various automatic testing options that are available, from the stand-alone self-testing luminaire to the fully-connected 'smart' lighting system.


Key learning points:

  • What automatic testing actually means
  • The benefits of introducing automatic testing
  • The things that automatic testing cannot replace
  • The computer/processing technology that sits behind automatic testing


  • Lighting designers and consulting engineers
  • Facilities managers
  • Estates managers
  • Electrical contractors


Sponsor: Harvard Technology



Andy Davies, Harvard Technology

Jeremy Turner, FAB Controls


When: 14 September 

Time: 7.00am Central US, 1.00pm United Kingdom, 4.00pm UAE, 8.00pm Hong Kong

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