Power over Ethernet

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) brings together low energy light sources, data harvesting and lighting control, all via the same piece of wiring. Enthusiasts for PoE have been questioning why we need to use mains voltage cabling as well as data cabling, when the LED sources that we're using already operate at extra low voltage. But is it that simple? Our webinar will take a hard look at the technology and discuss the limitations of PoE as well as the benefits.


Key learning points:

  • What Power over Ethernet is
  • The benefits of PoE
  • The limitations of PoE
  • The future for data traffic via PoE



  • Lighting designers and consulting engineers
  • Lighting controls designers
  • Facilities managers
  • Estates managers
  • IT management
  • BIM systems designers
  • Electrical contractors


Sponsor: Igor-Tech

Speaker: Dwight Stewart, Founder, Igor-Tech

Speaker: John Baekelmans, CTO, Internet of Everything Solutions Group at Cisco

When: 31 August

Time: 7.00am Central US, 1.00pm United Kingdom, 4.00pm UAE, 8.00pm Hong Kong

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