REVIEWED  The hand held lighting lab is coming to LuxLive

One of the most exciting products on show at last year’s Hong Kong International Lighting Fair was not a lamp, luminaire or even a control system, but a gadget that lets you measure light with your smartphone. Next month the Lighting Passport is coming to LuxLive.

Are Lithium Ion batteries suitable for emergency lighting?

Combusting hoverboards and the flammable S7 smartphone have proven that lithium batteries can be unstable if they are not charged properly. If there is a chance that they could catch fire, should the batteries be used in emergency lighting systems? Jonathan Bell, commercial director of Liteplan, gets to grips with the question.

Spy lights could make us the bad guys

Lighting professionals and those with responsibility for lighting have reason to feel good about themselves. We are, after all, the bringers of light, illuminating the spaces we inhabit, chasing the dark. We are the good guys.
But like the original ‘bringer of light’, Lucifer, are we destined to lose our angelic status, to become the fallen due to greed and envy? Are we set to become the gimp of Big Data, the eyes and ears of Mass Surveillance?