How will lighting make cities smarter?

In advance of our Lighting Fixture Design Conference, this week's Lux Today is a smart cities special. How is lighting improving our urban environments? Why are more and more cities adopting smart technology? And why does the lighting industry need to move quickly to take advantage of this new innovation? Lux Today 14 February 2017.

Meet the streetlights powered by footsteps

Streetlights powered by footsteps are unveiled in Las Vegas. PLUS: World’s first live li-fi test takes place at LuxLive. AND: Lux Award winners revealed at a ceremony in London. Lux Today December 6th 2016. 

LED spotlight drone captures eerie night-time images

A group of intrepid YouTubers from American video production company Stratus Productions have successfully managed to strap a 1,000 watt LED light bar to the underside of a drone. The images that the mobile spotlight have captured are eerily beautiful.



When Lux interviews go bad...

Watch what happens when our crack team of reporters don't exactly follow the script. Lux Today for 22 December 2015 presented by Courtney Ferguson. 

Breakthrough LED tech unveiled

Quantum dot technology set to be commercialised...European lamp ban goes ahead...and a new lighting show for the Middle East. Lux Today Oct 13 2015 presented by Courtney Ferguson.

School pioneers circadian lighting

Lux Today newscast 9 September 2015: A school in Norway has become the first in the world to pioneer tuneable light that changes to boost wellbeing and improve academic performance