Lux Recommends: Led panels with smart optics

The latest optical technology now means that you can have improved performance and better viewing conditions from other configurations than a uniform, flat panel recessed in the ceiling.

Lux Recommends: Handrail lighting

In essence, handrails are a safety feature. They are there to steady you or, in some cases, actually prevent you from falling. Handrail lighting is also there to help you see after dark.

REVIEWED  Framing spotlights

Framing spotlights are those fitted with adjustable shutters or “gates” so that you can achieve a square or rectangular beam as well as a circular one (triangles and diamond shapes are also possible).

REVIEWED  Emergency lighting twin spots

Historically, if you wanted instant switch-on for emergency lighting and you were illuminating a large area or a long aisle, two halogen headlamps on a car battery made a lot of sense.