Ramselaar’s filament lamps

A new range of clear LED lamps, including candles and globes. These lamps have the same dimensions as conventional incandescent bulbs. All are dimmable and with a very warm colour temperature of 2200K. They’ve been used in venues including the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, housed in a 19th century Amsterdam canal house, and the Van Loon Museum, another canal house conserved in the style of the 18th century.

UKLED’s LED filament lamps

UKLED was one of the first companies making LED candles that look like this, with the old-fashioned ‘filament’ style appearance. The LED candles have a warm colour temperature of 2750K and use just one to three watts of power. Lux was very impressed with them when we reviewed a sample last year.

Dim-to-warm lamps from Megaman

Megaman’s new LED lamps don’t just look like incandescent, they behave like it. Dim them down below 100 per cent, and instead of keeping the same colour temperature, as most LEDs do, they become warmer in colour, just like incandescent. Take them from 100 to 10 per cent and the colour temperature shifts from an already warm 2800K to a very cosy 1800K. LED lamps with the ‘Dim to Warm’ technology include candles, classics, MR16s, AR111s and integrated LED downlights, all of which offer a long life of up to 35,000 hours and high lumen maintenance. 

The CFL filament lamp

Yes, it looks like a filament lamp, but it’s not. Believe it or not, it’s actually a super-narrow fluorescent tube, in a bulb, that looks similar, but uses just an eighth of the energy. The technology behind the Factorylux bulb was developed by a Dutch lighting company called NDF, set up by a group of former Philips employees. In the UK, Urban Cottage Industries has been selling the original pear-shaped Eco-Filament lamp since last year, and now sells more of them than real filament lamps. 

Award-winning design from Toshiba

Toshiba won a Lux Award back in 2012 for its candle lamp, which judges described as having ‘the soul of an incandescent’. It features ‘faceted crystal optics’ to mimic the sparkly glow of a filament lamp, and it’s dimmable. Just the thing for chandeliers, decorative luminaires and table lamps.

Dimmable retrofit lamps from Philips

With a warm colour temperature of 2700K, Philips’ dimmable Master LED candle lamps are ideal for general and decorative lighting in the hospitality industry. Drawing upon inputs from chandelier makers and designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the chandelier or luminaire, not only when lit but also when not, these lamps come in a classical slender shape with a unique, eye-catching lens design. They produce a beautiful sparkling warm light that delivers huge energy savings and minimises maintenance cost.

Clear candle lamps from TCP

TCP’s clear 5W LED candle can replace a 30W incandescent. It has a colour temperature of 3000K and a life of 25,000 hours. This lamp will sit beautifully anywhere around the home and is perfect for chandeliers and decorative fittings, TCP says.

Sylvania recreates incandescent in LED

This LED lamp from Sylvania gives you the squirrel cage effect with none of the energy wastage. Sylvania has been producing lamps of all kinds for more than 90 years, and now it’s putting its expertise into recreating the look and feel of incandescent and halogen, using LEDs. This lamp is part of its new Toledo Retro range which also includes GLS, globe and candle lamps, all with a warm colour temperature of 2700K.