Twice as bright and lasts just as long

Verbatim has launched a range of professional PAR16 LED retrofit lamps with a GU10 base with an output of up to 660lm – almost twice as bright as a standard 50W halogen spot lamp. The products have an advanced heatsink design for effective heat dissipation. This, along with improved airflow and the latest chip-on-board technology, means the lamps can be driven harder without overheating and last for up to 40,000 hours. Single focus diamond cut optics that allow light to be dispersed in a defined manner, avoiding glare, stray light and hotspots associated with many competing products.

Throw out those mains-voltage halogen spots

Philips’ Master LEDspot MV is a spotlight for public areas where lights are on all the time, such as lobbies, corridors and stairwells. Lamps in the Master LEDspot MV range cut energy and maintenance costs but are still bright. They should pay for themselves within a year. These LEDspots are designed as a retrofit replacement for halogen or incandescent spots. The dimmable versions are more efficient still, and help create the desired atmosphere. The DimTone function creates a warmer tone when the light is dimmed to lower intensities.

Get the full spectrum from Soraa

Soraa’s putting its third generation GaN-on-GaN LED technology to use in the upgraded lamps in its award-winning MR16 GU10 base 230V LED range. The efficacy of the 7.5W lamps has been improved by 40 per cent, and they can achieve an output of 500 lm. The lamp’s ‘point source’ optics create high-intensity, uniform beams. The 10-degree narrow-spot version has a peak intensity of 7,300cd, and 25, 36 and 60-degree flood versions are available. The lamps also incorporate Soraa’s violet-emission three-phosphor LED technology for improved rendering of colour.

A GU10 LED lamp from Integral to match halogen

To satisfy the demands of designers and customers who remain misty-eyed about halogen lighting, Integral LED has designed a retrofit GU10 LED lamp that it says matches the aesthetic qualities of halogen. The 2700 and 4000K Classic Glow lamps replace standard 50W halogen lamps but use only 6.8W. The output is 380 lumens, more than the lamp it is designed to replace. It’s the cunning reflector and lens design that recreates the sparkle of the energy-guzzling halogen. A ‘fly’s eye’ filter in front of the COB light source projects light forward at high intensity but protects onlookers from glare.