Dimmable retrofit lamps from Philips

With a warm colour temperature of 2700K, Philips’ dimmable Master LED candle lamps are ideal for general and decorative lighting in the hospitality industry. Drawing upon inputs from chandelier makers and designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the chandelier or luminaire, not only when lit but also when not, these lamps come in a classical slender shape with a unique, eye-catching lens design. They produce a beautiful sparkling warm light that delivers huge energy savings and minimises maintenance cost.

Clear candle lamps from TCP

TCP’s clear 5W LED candle can replace a 30W incandescent. It has a colour temperature of 3000K and a life of 25,000 hours. This lamp will sit beautifully anywhere around the home and is perfect for chandeliers and decorative fittings, TCP says.

Sylvania recreates incandescent in LED

This LED lamp from Sylvania gives you the squirrel cage effect with none of the energy wastage. Sylvania has been producing lamps of all kinds for more than 90 years, and now it’s putting its expertise into recreating the look and feel of incandescent and halogen, using LEDs. This lamp is part of its new Toledo Retro range which also includes GLS, globe and candle lamps, all with a warm colour temperature of 2700K. 

New lamp from Integral

The Integral LED 3.8W retrofit candle (clear finish, large bayonet, white base) delivers a warm light and brightness, similar to a 25W filament bulb. It features high output, multi Seoul LEDs and an anti-glare lens. The candle range from Integral LED are manufactured from the latest LED technology and components to ensure superior light output and to offer excellent energy savings when compared to halogen or incandescent equivalent products.

Unique optics from Osram

Unique optics in the new Osram LED classic portfolio radiate at angles of up to 300°. The optical design is consistent across all lamp types, giving uniform appearance, and lower costs.

Osram's bestselling GU10 lamp

For spotlighting heat-sensitive products – and for general spotlighting, display cabinets and exhibition areas – Osram’s bestselling GU10 retrofit lamp is the Parathom Par 16 50 36° ADV. The lamp comes in three flavours of white: 2700, 3000 and 4000K. It is also dimmable, has an expected life of 25,000 hours and a five-year guarantee. Energy consumption is 5.3W and Osram says the lamp is less likely to be incompatible than traditional low-voltage MR16s.

Light in its purest form from Sylvania

Sylvania has expanded its LED product range with the RefLED+ ES50 V2 360 lm retrofit GU10 lamp. The device is shallow, with a full diameter, faceted lens. This maintains the traditional lamp aesthetic, but the full front face lens with no visible heatsink from the front also makes it suitable for use with any colour downlight. The lamp has been designed with Sylvania’s PureForm ethos at its heart. It has a shape consistent with the traditional lamp to ensure it can be physically retrofitted to any fitting. Non-dimmable and dimmable versions are available, consuming 5 and 5.5W respectively.