REVIEWED  LED bulkheads

Chucking out your venerable 2D fittings? Lux puts the latest LED challengers through their paces, including new products from Designplan, Fern Howard, Thorn and Whitecroft.

WaveStar from MHA

MHA Lighting’s WaveStar LED luminaire is for high-specification offices, classrooms and function rooms where glare should be minimal. The WaveStar emits clean, bright light to create bright, uniform illumination for task or teaching area. The 43W fitting provides 76 lm/W and its expected lifetime at L70 is 109,000 hours. The housing is as aesthetically pleasing as any modular recessed louvered luminaire on the market and the LED light engine delivers maximum energy savings and the best lit environment possible.

Channel’s Pinto downlights

Channel has launched a trio of 4000K white LED IP20-rated downlights in 12W (970 lm), 20W (1,600 lm) and 30W (2,500 lm) versions. They are suited for commercial areas such as hotels and restaurants, galleries and office spaces. Pinto downlights are a direct replacement for CFL 18W and 26W PL downlights, and are an eco-friendly luminaire option. Users benefit from substantial energy savings. Installation is simple with a quick-fit clip system and peace of mind can be further assured with an extended product warranty that can be procured online.

SLP UK's LED linear profile range

SLP (UK) has developed two new LED linear profiles, the U33 Satine system and Z Modular. The U33 has been designed as a diffuser system for use with discrete LEDs and LED arrays. The U33 Satine profile transmits over 80 per cent of the incident light. The Z Modular is a wall washer designed to sit in an ordinary recessed ceiling fitting. It recycles wasted light to cover the dark zone between wall and ceiling. The U33 and Z Modular are manufactured using a continual extrusion process, and can be supplied in lengths tailored to customers’ requirements.