Is new technology changing lighting designer's thinking?

For many years lighting design absorbed new technology and simply went about its creative business, because the changes were simply technical improvements that allowed designers to do the same old thing, but a little better than before. This is no longer the case. As advancing technology allows us to broaden our horizons, lighting designers have no excuse not to rip up the rule book and embrace truly inventive design. Lux's applications editor, John Bullock, issues a call to arms.

Why low LED prices are bad for everyone

Visit the Hong Kong Lighting Fair and you're never more than six feet away from a calculator. Price, it appears, is still the dominant selling point in attracting and keeping people on a stand. 

We need to create an environment where people demand good lighting, lighting that enhances a work place, retail environment or town square. It will only be when we can sell the value of light to users that we will be able to wean the industry away from the calculator. Perhaps one day a Hong Kong show will have signs displaying 'no calculators', rather than the 'no photographs' signs we see today.

Hong Kong roundup: Bullock walks on the wild side

As the Hong Kong Lighting Fair concludes, Lux's applications editor, John Bullock, redefines the term 'breakfast meeting', attends an Osram function amid the revellers of the packed Lan Kwai Fong district and dreams of Hoagy Carmichael, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Oh, and he won an award for his efforts.