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LED on Washington Metro enrages city bigwigs

Washington DC, home to the American power elite, has seen many controversies rise and fall, the latest, however, doesn’t involve presidents or congressmen, but the new LED lighting on the city’s Metro network. And it's not only commuters that are enraged, lighting designers with any sense of history are cringing at the network's tinkering with an iconic, if unusual, scheme. 

LED has potential to end use of pesticides in farming

Research is proving that light produced by LEDs has the ability to speed up plant growth and improve the taste of fruit and vegetables. However, researchers in the United States are also proving that LED light is able to reduce disease in plants, a discovery that could, ultimately, lead to the redundancy of expensive and unpopular pesticides. Lux caught up with Jaimin Patel, a plant pathologist at the Lighting Research Center of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, to find out more.

Michael Grubb to lead colour in retail lighting webcast

Lux is all set to investigate the potential of light and colour in retail in a webcast, sponsored by Ledvance, and leading our discussion will be lighting designer, Michael Grubb, of Michael Grubb Studio. Grubb and his team clinched last year’s Hospitality and Leisure Lighting Project of the Year at 2016’s Lux Awards for their inventive lighting scheme at Lush’s flagship store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre.

All good lighting designers must respect their tools

A great sculptor, making a wonderful piece of sculpture, will have spent years learning about the materials he or she uses to create their masterpieces, are lighting designers as well versed in their tools? Mark Sutton Vane of Sutton Vane Associates makes a call for knowledge based creativity.