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The longer the rail franchise the better the lighting?

It is not always easy to make a major investment in a project, when it is known that it will only show returns in the distant long term. This is made even more of a wrench when you know that you might not be around to see a project pay back. The limited length of a rail franchise means that operators are sometimes wary of making investments in station infrastructure, such as in the lighting, if it is known that a project won’t pay back before the end of a franchise. Are the length of rail franchises in the UK holding back the development of innovative lighting on the nation's rail network?

Are standards strangling the life out of rail lighting?

Russell Sweeting-White is the senior building services engineer at Network Rail. He is responsible for developing a policy and a strategy to light stations across the UK rail network. Sweeting-White is also involved in the setting of common standards for station lighting, which ensure that a safe environment is created for the rail user. But are standards stifling creativity when it comes to lighting for rail?