Jonathan Bell Commercial Director at Liteplan

Jonathan, who is currently 41, entered the lighting industry in 2007 as sales manager for his wife’s family’s company, Liteplan. Having been with the company for 10 years and building a wealth of knowledge around all things emergency lighting, Jonathan became Liteplan’s commercial director in late 2016.

As he relocated from a high pressure background in London’s investment property market, he is well used to the fast pace of today’s lighting industry.

He prides himself on a wide understanding of his customer’s ranges and keeps himself at the forefront of the latest industry technology evolutions in preparation for the market’s emergency lighting requirements. As his lighting industry career has only ever been spent in the emergency lighting sector, his knowledge of this niche segment of the market is extensive.

Apart from lighting, Jonathan’s other passion is his family. He and his wife are very proud of their two sons and their daughter who keep them very busy at work and at home.

Publications by Jonathan Bell

Are Lithium Ion batteries suitable for emergency lighting?

Combusting hoverboards and the flammable S7 smartphone have proven that lithium batteries can be unstable if they are not charged properly. If there is a chance that they could catch fire, should the batteries be used in emergency lighting systems? Jonathan Bell, commercial director of Liteplan, gets to grips with the question.

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Finding energy savings on a scheme that utilises GU10 or T8 fluorescent fixtures tends to be considered as the low hanging fruit of lighting upgrades. Emergency lighting requirements however, are often left to the last minute leading to a panic purchase whilst installation takes place. Occasionally there are compatibility issues too.