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Lux Explainer: UV LEDs

From healthcare and horticulture to cleaning and clubbing, the new generation of small, powerful UV LEDs is making waves in the lighting industry. John Bullock explains.

Easi does it

The EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent lighting module works happily with existing installations to provide easy dimming of LED lamps and luminaires. It’s both simple and smart, says John Bullock

Emergency Lighting Conference: The view from the chair

A few years ago I attended a voice workshop near Tara in Ireland; one of those hippy-dippy events  that included more than a bit of primal screaming. One of the women there was clearly struggling with the way things were going and I asked her what was going on for her. ‘I am SO bored.’

Where’s the innovation in lighting?

My diary is filling up with judging appointments for this year’s Lux Awards. The mood, as ever, is buoyant – mainly because we have such a fantastic history of good quality work being entered for the Awards down the years.