John Bullock Independent lighting designer

Publications by John Bullock

Specialist Stores

‘Lush sells bright colours and lovely smells, and that’s what draws everyone’s attention.’ A chemist, a health food shop, a camera shop, a sports outfitter and a niche handmade cosmetics outlet. Now that’s the kind of variety that every high street needs. But it would be nice to have a better visual environment than most of these.

Shoe Stores

There was a time when the high street shoe shop was in its full pomp, but the title of Most Over-Represented Retail Sector in the High Street has, of course, long been lost to coffee shops.

Mobile Phone Stores

Given that the mobile phone is forever being held up as the accessory de nos jours, you’d think that the high street manifestation of such a vital piece of kit would reflect the essential nature of the beastie.

Fashion Stores

There are two ways to light a fashion shop: either blanket-light the interior and then spotlight out of that, or have the courage of your convictions and just go for the spotlighting, regardless of what it is you’re actually trying to light.