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BDP embraces darkness in Britain's greenest building

The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia is one of the UK's greenest buildings. Holder of a prestigious Passivhaus rating and a BREEAM Outstanding classification, the building features a Lux Awards nominated lighting design from BDP. However, lighting is not as prevalent as you may expect, for a third of the floor plan, there is no ceiling light whatsoever.

The Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro

The more information that we have, the better we’re able to deliver a quality service. But how does that information come to us? Do we have to rely on other people to provide us with the data, or is there a way that we can gather information for ourselves. Hand-held light meters have been around for a long time, but the information available has been limited, typically illuminance (lux) readings and very little else. The Asensetek Lighting Passport Pro changes all that and gives us the means to test for ourselves how well a light source is performing.

Health and wellbeing experts to re-examine lighting's role

Lux will be hosting a one-day health and wellbeing conference in London on 22 September. We are learning more and more about the way our bodies work in relation to our natural environment. In the last few years much has been written about circadian rhythms and the effects of light on our sleep patterns. Unfortunately, some of us choose to spend our time inside buildings, working unsocial hours and generally ignoring the natural procession of time and the seasons to which our bodies are naturally attuned.

Two-minute explainer: The WELL Building Standard

What are we to make of human centric lighting (HCL)? The science is sound but the application of the technology is often confused and contradictory. What is needed is a guide to point us in the right direction. That is the job of the WELL Building Standard (WBS).