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Value Proposition: Integral Lighting - Evofire downlight

For most of us, the more the world shifts, the more we wish that things could stay the same. But when it comes to technology that yearning for what we’ve always known can sometimes get in the way of innovation when a real game-changing opportunity comes along. Let’s take a look at the fire-rated downlight and consider how we’ve always dealt with that thorny problem.

Value Proposition: Osram - Ultraflat System

A good value proposition challenges the way that we see the world. It asks questions and suggests that there may be a different way of doing things. New ways of working often derive from implementing a new piece of technology combined with an attractive price structure, but it is rare for a value proposition to go to the heart of product design and suggest that the shape of the light fixtures that we make could look different. Lux's Applications Editor, John Bullock, heads into new territory in his latest Value Proposition.