Gordon Routledge Publisher

Gordon Routledge is the co-founder of Revo Media Partners – the publisher of Lux – and has over 17 years’ experience in the lighting industry. In 2001 he founded Lumidrives, which he led until it was bought by Dialight in 2006. Gordon then went on to develop Dialight’s global lighting business unit. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Gordon is an inventor and co-inventor on 11 patents.

Publications by Gordon Routledge

Global LED domination came early, now what?

When we started this magazine four years ago, LED was just at the start of the adoption journey. I had just witnessed one of the first LED high bay installations, Birmingham had bravely started a widespread LED rollout for residential streetlighting, and we would see the occasional glimpse of the future through a showcase all-LED supermarket eco-store.

​Thanks to LEDs, brown is the new white

I am starting to notice a disturbing trend on Britain’s streets – the increasing number of brown cars. I’m not on about Chelsea tractors splattered with mud, but that someone has deliberately chosen to buy a car that has been painted brown.