Gordon Routledge Publisher

Gordon Routledge is the co-founder of Revo Media Partners – the publisher of Lux – and has over 17 years’ experience in the lighting industry. In 2001 he founded Lumidrives, which he led until it was bought by Dialight in 2006. Gordon then went on to develop Dialight’s global lighting business unit. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Gordon is an inventor and co-inventor on 11 patents.

Publications by Gordon Routledge

10 ways to win a Lux Award

The Lux Awards reward the organisations that are using lighting to making a difference to their buildings and facilities. Now in their seventh year, the awards are well established as the way to get real industry recognition for your lighting achievements. If you think you deserve a Lux Award, here are 10 insider tips to help you along the path to glory…

Why low LED prices are bad for everyone

Visit the Hong Kong Lighting Fair and you're never more than six feet away from a calculator. Price, it appears, is still the dominant selling point in attracting and keeping people on a stand. 

We need to create an environment where people demand good lighting, lighting that enhances a work place, retail environment or town square. It will only be when we can sell the value of light to users that we will be able to wean the industry away from the calculator. Perhaps one day a Hong Kong show will have signs displaying 'no calculators', rather than the 'no photographs' signs we see today.