Bill Plageman Vice president of marketing and product management at Amerlux

Bill has worked at Amerlux for well over fifteen years. Based in New York, he is responsible for all coordination and implementation of trade shows and conferences for the company.

Publications by Bill Plageman

How do I protect my design specification?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you have produced a lighting specification it will be at risk from the time that it leaves your desk. Sometimes it’s the contractor trying to earn a bit more money by attempting a ‘like-for-like’ swap and hoping that no one notices. But, it can also be a cultural issue that goes as far as the client’s desk, where everyone assumes that everyone else is trying to pull a fast one. Here are some of the processes that can be put in place to help protect the design specification once it becomes part of the contract documentation and is outside of the specifier’s control.

How do I find a trustworthy manufacturer?

The arrival of the LED has brought with it a whole slew of new companies and individuals with little or no history in the lighting industry. It’s also brought a lot of uncertainty, the lighting conventions that we grew up with have been mostly abandoned and have been replaced with . . . very little. There are no performance standards for LED product and that has left the specifier open to all kinds of deception. So who do we trust?