Alan Tulla Technical editor

Alan Tulla is Lux's technical editor, and an experienced independent lighting designer.

Publications by Alan Tulla

How to design an urban courtyard

Cities are becoming ever more busy and congested and in response attractive spaces are needed where people can find peace and quiet. At night city squares and courtyards need to be safe havens and places where people can gather after dark. In our latest Design Clinic, Lux's technical editor considers the best ways to light an urban courtyard.

Lux recommends: Dim to warm lamps

An attractive feature of filament lamps is that they become warmer as you dim them. As the filament dims and becomes less intense, the colour changes to a warmer more orange and yellow appearance. The colour temperature, and CCT reduces as they dim. Until recently, this effect was missing from their LED equivalents. Lux's technical editor, Alan Tulla, reviews the state of the market.