Lamp makers accused of misleading customers

Big lamp suppliers including Philips, GE, Osram and Ikea stand accused of exaggerating performance claims for their products. Courtney Ferguson presents Lux Today for January 12 2016.

When Lux interviews go bad...

Watch what happens when our crack team of reporters don't exactly follow the script. Lux Today for 22 December 2015 presented by Courtney Ferguson. 

Concerns raised as Chinese lighting prices tumble

With the cost of lamps and luminaires from Asia continuing to fall, experts are warning over compromises on quality. Special interview with Barrie Vesty of Shenzhen-based Auraled Lighting. Lux Today for December 8 2015, presented by Courtney Ferguson.

LA unveils world's most advanced streetlights

Los Angeles' streetlighting network boasts wireless monitoring and control and 4G connectivity to boost cellphone performance. PLUS: Why Helena Bonham Carter is more intimate with connected LED lighting than most! Lux Today Nov 17 2015 is presented by Courtney Ferguson.

Is internet lighting the next revolution?

The internet of things: hype or an exciting future of limitless possibilities? Organisers of LuxLive unveil special IoT Experience zone in association with tech start-up Gooee. Lux Today with Courtney Ferguson 10 November 2015

Are LEDs ready for road tunnel lighting?

At a special Lux Review conference on road tunnel lighting in association with Holophane and Carandini, experts explored issues including LEDs, controls and driver safety in tunnels

The Global Hotlist is unveiled....

The names of the 20 most exciting lighting companies in the world right now have been unveiled in a ceremony in Hong Kong. Courtney Ferguson presents Lux Today for 3 November 2015.