Can LED boost health benefits of cannabis?

New lighting to change view of Niagara Falls. PLUS: Cambridge University buys circadian lamps to wake sleepy students. AND: Can LED boost health benefits of cannabis? Lux Today November 8 2016.

Did smart lights crash Twitter?

Poor IoT security crashes world’s leading websites. PLUS: Vatican LED sets stage for late night hymns. AND: The smart lighting revolution is coming to….Swaziland? Lux Today November 1 2016.

Blue light halts Scottish suicide spike

Berlin unveils on demand street illumination. PLUS: Blue light is used to halt a mysterious spike in Scottish suicides. AND: Portable UV aims to revolutionise parenting. Lux Today October 25 2016.

Hackers hijack IoT devices

LED meets the cosmos as space station gets circadian boost. PLUS: Hackers hijack thousands of IoT devices. AND: Shrewd airport worker steals millions with LED scheme. Lux Today 11 October 2016.

Apple changes the way you light your home

Researchers beam light particle across fibre network. PLUS: Apple’s new Home app to change the way you light your house. AND: Fluorescent light 'boosts male testosterone levels'. Lux Today September 27th 2016.

Top designers in London river battle

IoT is ‘less than awesome’ says leading innovation czar. PLUS: Researchers find new way of turning light into electricity. AND: Top designers do battle to light London’s river bridges. Lux Today September 13 2016.

US Navy li-fi baffles Russian spies

US Navy turns to li-fi to tackle Russian hacking. PLUS: Philips launches new smart motion sensor. AND: New supermarket LED to make vegetables appear fresher. Lux Today September 6th 2016.

See the tunnel where SURREAL light keeps you safe

‘Surreal’ lighting to make ‘world’s longest tunnel’ safe. PLUS: Size of Brexit Britain’s lighting industry increases. AND: Chinese manufacturers win gold at Rio Olympics. Lux Today August 30th 2016.