How are LEDs being used to annoy Donald Trump?

Will tunable street light breakthrough silence LED critics? PLUS: Smart street lights tell cities when to salt frozen roads. AND: LED protest signs take centre stage at demonstrations. Lux Today 7 February 2017.

Human centric lighting: How to make it work for you

Scientist who discovered human centric lighting shares tips with Lux. PLUS: Lighting based indoor positioning set to revolutionise US stores. AND: Health fears makes city think twice about LED. Lux Today 24 January 2017.

Security expert: Industry needs to 'wake up'

Lighting industry needs to ‘wake up’ to IoT hack threat, security expert warns. PLUS: Merger mania set to sweep lighting industry this year. AND: Scientists reach ‘absolute zero’ using light. Lux Today. 17 January 2017.

Could light cure dementia?

Could LED help to cure Alzheimer’s? PLUS: Well and Breeam environmental standards to join forces. AND: Winner of Illuminated River competition revealed in London. Lux Today 13 December 2016.

Meet the streetlights powered by footsteps

Streetlights powered by footsteps are unveiled in Las Vegas. PLUS: World’s first live li-fi test takes place at LuxLive. AND: Lux Award winners revealed at a ceremony in London. Lux Today December 6th 2016. 

Could LED help to beat Zika?

Could LED insect discovery help to beat Zika and malaria? PLUS: London bridges plan in troubled water as critics pan ideas. AND: Madrid office skyscraper becomes city’s smartest building. Lux Today November 22 2016.

Top environmentalist warns industry

Lighting industry GDP needs cut to tackle climate change. PLUS: Osram makes further investments in IoT. AND: Radical designs unveiled to light London’s bridges. Lux Today November 15 2016.