REVIEWED  Emergency lighting twin spots

Emergency lighting twin spots

Historically, if you wanted instant switch-on for emergency lighting and you were illuminating a large area or a long aisle, two halogen headlamps on a car battery made a lot of sense.

REVIEWED  High bay lights for retail

High bay lights for retail

There used to be two sorts of light fitting used for retail. If it was a large store, the lighting was predominantly fluorescent either as ceiling panels or linear battens.

REVIEWED  Bollard lights

Bollard lights

Some people love them and some hate them, but if you’re designing lighting outside, you always need to consider bollards.

REVIEWED  Rack lighting

Rack lighting

Racking is different from most other lighting applications in that most of the illumination should be on the vertical surfaces rather than the horizontal.

Osram: Human-centric lighting made easy

Osram: Human-centric lighting made easy

An interview with Andreas Wojtysiak, Osram Innovation, and Osram product managers Nicolai Heber and Peter Bach on using human-centric lighting (HCL) to create human-friendly environments.

Glamox: A publication for our times

Glamox: A publication for our times

When is a product catalogue not a product catalogue? When it doubles as a lighting monograph. John Bullock takes a look at Glamox’s new Lux & Lumen publication

REVIEWED  Steps and stair lights

Steps and stair lights

When we think of lighting steps, most probably the first thing we think of is a light fitting which can be recessed into a side wall. This can be a good solution but there are often better ways.