GE unveils wireless and hubless dimmers

GE Lighting has unveiled new additions to its C by GE range which include a wireless dimmer, a wireless motion sensor and smart light switches which don’t require a neutral.

C by GE Sol is an all-in-one smart lamp that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa.

None of the series requires a hub to connect to the internet.

The new hubless three-wire smart switch and two hubless battery-powered dimmer models are industry firsts.

They don’t require an additional product, such as a hub, to integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control.

Although initially only available in North America, the technology shows a clear direction of travel in favour of smart lighting for the home which is both wireless and hubless.

The smart switches don't require a neutral wire and are smaller in size than standard US lightswitches, making them widely compatible and simple to install.

Additionally, they come with an optional accessory that eliminates bulb ‘ghosting’ and flickering that can occur with other smart switch platforms.
The C by GE wireless dimmer controls C by GE smart bulbs, switches and dimmers.

The dimmer can be placed on any wall using a removable adhesive strip. This feature provides a simple way for consumers to add an additional location for controlling room lighting and gives them the ability to avoid working on electrical wiring in the home.

In addition, a wireless battery-powered motion sensor and wireless battery powered remote control will also be available.

GE Lighting says it will open up the  C by GE mobile app to select third party manufacturers this year.

Unveiling the innovations at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, GE Lighting’s general manager for Product Management & Growth, Paul Williams, told Lux: ‘In the future, consumers will see third party smart products carry this identification signalling simple integration and compatibility with C by GE products’.