Lux ‘Person of the Year’ Nigel Harvey is arrested

A FORMER Lux ‘Person of the Year’ has been arrested in central London as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests.

The moment Harvey was taken away by pollce for obstructing traffic in Trafalgar Square in London.

Nigel Harvey, chief of the lighting industry recycling management body Recolight, was seized by police for obstructing traffic in Trafalgar Square and taken away in a police van to cheers from fellow climate change activists.

The Metropolitan Police said that 280 people were arrested yesterday in connection with Extinction Rebellion protests in London, as campaigners brought Westminster to a halt.

It comes as the group demands the Government takes urgent action to reduce carbon emissions.  

The demonstrators brought central London to a standstill, causing disruption to motorists, buses and commercial traffic.

“Harvey – who was released this morning – defended his action as necessary to bring the issue to the top of the agenda.

‘More radical action is needed to make a difference, and that’s why I have joined Extinction Rebellion,’ he told Lux

'I was sitting peacefully in the road, and the police gave me multiple opportunities to move. I chose to stay, and therefore chose to be arrested. I want to use my arrest to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

‘The approach of Extinction Rebellion is simple:  use peaceful civil disobedience to disrupt ‘business as usual’ as a way of driving fundamental change.  For me, that’s meant personal sacrifice, leading to my arrest’.

Harvey was named Lux Person of the Year in the 2012 Lux Awards in recognition of his role in the success of Recolight, which helps lighting manufacturers meet their recycling obligations under European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment laws (WEEE).

Back then, the organisation had funded the recycling of over 200 million lamps. Much of the success is attributable to Recolight’s commitment to both the spirit and letter of the WEEE legislation.




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