Healthcare lighting guide set to be unveiled

THE SOCIETY of Light and Lighting has announced that it is set to unveil the long-awaited new version of LG2: Lighting for Healthcare Premises publication.

The Society of Light and Lighting headquarters in Balham, south London, today as it awaits delivery of the first LG2 Guide for over a decade

The learned body said the guidance booklet would be in the hands of specifiers, consultants, designers and healthcare professionals ‘in the next couple of weeks'.

If you have never designed for hospitals, you might assume that every aspect of the lighting is tightly specified and there would be little choice as to the equipment or layout.

Apart from a National Health Service document on lighting and colour, the most comprehensive, and most often quoted guidance, is the LG2 'Hospitals and Healthcare Buildings’.

The UK Department of Health endorses LG2 for guidance on hospital lighting as do many other countries around the world.

The last version was published in 2008’ but much has changed since then, including the advent of controls, the penetration of LEDs, the arrival of circadian-style lighting and a generally more patient-centric approach to the design of hospitals and other healthcare buildings.

The 2008 version LG2 stated: ‘The second and almost equally important consideration (of the lighting) will be to create an environment that is visually satisfying, wholly appropriate and ‘emotionally compatible.

‘Lighting can be a producer both of emotion and a sense of well-being’.

The SLL said: ‘We are looking forward to receiving the brand new LG2: Lighting for Healthcare Premises publication in the next couple of weeks.

‘As soon as we have it members will be notified that they can download the publication and of course should anyone wish to purchase a copy we'd be delighted to hear from you’.


  • For more information and publication dates click HERE.


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