The luminaire with built-in 5G

A LUMINAIRE with built-in 5G has been unveiled by Signify.

The Interact Office technology makes it possible to have a high-bandwidth network in the ceiling with Ericsson’s 5G Radio Dot embedded in the luminaires

The light fitting, shown at the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Shanghai,   will deliver not only light but also features an embedded Ericsson Radio Dot, allowing it to deliver 5G connectivity inside buildings.

5G Radio Dot, Ericsson’s indoor small cell solution, is small and light enough to embed easily into Signify’s lighting systems. With this additional deployment option, it will now be easier to deliver 5G indoors.

Signify’s indoor luminaire will be embedded with Ericsson 5G Radio Dot in a joint offering that will enable service providers to easily add indoor connectivity to buildings when the lighting systems are being built or upgraded.
 This is the latest fruit of a deal between Signify and Ericsson, who previously co-developed Lightpole Site Slim, the connected outdoor lighting pole small cell solution.

‘Our partnership with Signify is a great example of our innovative work in the indoor small cells space – we are continuously looking for new opportunities and easy ways for service providers and building owners to add indoor mobile connectivity. Our 5G Dot is so small and compact, it can fit into a lighting solution,’ said David Hammarwall, head of product line radio, business area networks at Ericsson.

‘It’s all about connectivity inside buildings. The bulk of internet traffic is there and corporate WiFi will not always be the preferred option.

‘Our connected lighting system, Interact Office, makes it possible to have a high-bandwidth network in the ceiling with Ericsson’s 5G Radio Dot embedded in the luminaires,’ Remco Lansbergen, senior director global strategic alliances at Signify, told Lux.

The embedded 5G Radio Dot will work with Signify’s Interact Office, benefiting from the innovative architecture of the Radio Dot System – with power and backhaul delivered though standard networking cables (CAT 6)’.


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