Drug giant Roche installs IoT connected lighting

PHARMACEUTICAL GIANT Roche is trialling LED connected lighting and IoT sensors at its office in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany.

Roche chose to implement Signify’s Space management application to get a better understanding of their building. 

The firm – a leading manufacturer of cancer-treating drugs – has transformed an area in one of its German offices into a smart workplace by implementing the Interact Office Space management application from Signify.

The pilot office space at Roche in was equipped with Philips, using Signify’s Interact Office software and insights to increase building efficiency and optimise space.

Recent studies indicate that 25-50 per cent of office desks in buildings are vacant on any given day.

Interact Offices’ Space management helps to understand occupancy rates across buildings, floors, meeting rooms or even at desk-level by counting people and analysing the number of workers in a given space. Through accurate reporting on historic and real-time space usage, Corporate real estate professionals can assess and optimize space requirements and workplace designs easily.

Roche chose to implement Signify’s Space management application to get a better understanding of their building. ‘Understanding how our buildings are being used is key for Roche today and in the future,’ Tobias Bächtold, digital real estate manager for Roche, told Lux.

‘The data collected via IoT sensors and the lighting system using Interact Office software, gives us tremendous insights and best granularity in terms of occupancy, desk level accuracy and people counting in meeting rooms.’

Research has shown that up to 70 per cent of workers waste up to 15 minutes per day looking for a meeting room and 24 per cent waste up to half an hour a day. That could soon be in the past with the launch of the Interact Workspace mobile app for personalising lighting, wayfinding and booking free meeting rooms and workspaces.

This mobile app enables employees to view which desks or meeting rooms are available and book the available room on the spot improving employee experience, engagement and productivity.

In addition to the mobile app, a public kiosk can also be used to assist employees and visitors with indoor navigation. Typically located at the entrance to the office building and next to elevators, the kiosk offers a user-friendly way for people to find their desired location.

‘Our customers can use their lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide employees wherever they need to go,’ said Derek Wright, global sub-segment manager office, education and municipal buildings at Signify.

‘By looking at the 500,000 responses from the Leesman Index we can see that example, and yet the levels of satisfaction for this are extremely low. So, with our applications we aim to solve real pain points and bring quantifiable value to the workspaces of today.’


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