College gets wireless Bluetooth mesh lighting control

A FULLY autonomous wireless Bluetooth mesh technology is being used to control the lighting at a third-level college in Poland.

Silvair provided the innovative wireless lighting control technology which is based on the Bluetooth mesh standard. The installation was designed by ES-System, which also provided the lighting fixtures.

The first phase of the lighting system upgrade at the Jaworzno Centre for Vocational and Further Education – a joint project between the Jaworzno City Council and Silvair – also saw the installation of a network of intelligent sensors.

Silvair provided the innovative wireless lighting control technology which is based on the Bluetooth mesh standard. The installation was designed by ES-System, which also provided the lighting fixtures.

The first phase of the project was to install an intelligent lighting control system in selected workshops and corridors where each luminaire is paired with a motion and ambient light sensor in which the Silvair software is embedded.

The installation is fully autonomous and adapted to the teaching requirements for each space.

The intelligent sensors constantly monitor the environment, reporting the presence of people and the availability of natural light.

The Silvair software analyses this data, automatically adjusting the light intensity to match the current needs and conditions, thereby delivering optimum lighting conditions while simultaneously minimising energy consumption.
 ‘It's one of the most modern lighting systems in the world and is already working in several workshops at the Center for Vocational and Further Education in Jaworzno. The system is based on Bluetooth Mesh technology and I am very happy that not only is one of its inventors from Jaworzno, but he is also the initiator of this project, while the investment was made by Silvair’ said PaweÅ‚ Silbert, President of Jaworzno.

‘I appreciate these kinds of innovative projects, even more so because they are implemented in Jaworzno. This modern lighting system brings us closer to building a real ‘smart city’ and operating more efficiently, more comprehensively, and at the same time gives us an intelligent way to limit energy consumption.

‘Modern education is not only about innovative methods of working with students, it also includes a modern infrastructure and modern technologies.

‘Comfortable learning and working conditions increase its effectiveness, so our cooperation with Silvair allowed us to find out more about the latest technology on two levels; we use the solution in two teaching rooms and one of the corridors and we and the students had the opportunity to participate in classes conducted by Silvair, where we found out more about the technical aspects of the technology.

‘I think that the experience of combining theoretical knowledge with direct observation of how a specific solution is applied in everyday school life is invaluable for both pupils and teachers’ observed Simona Smugowska, director of CKZiU in Jaworzno.
‘Schools are special places,’ said RafaÅ‚ Han, CEO of Silvair. ‘Students spend a significant part of their day here and lighting quality is important for their well being and how efficiently they learn.

‘We are very pleased that in cooperation with the city council, we have implemented such an innovative solution that will serve the young people attending this institution. The Center for Vocational and Further Education in Jaworzno now has the most advanced lighting control system available on the market.’


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