Why blue-free lamps are the Next Big Thing

FIRST YOUR iPhone eliminated blue light with its Night Shift app, now light bulbs are following suit.

Soraa co-founder and Nobel prize winner Shuji Nakamura – seen here speaking at the LuxLive exhibition in London, advised the creation of the firm's Zeroblue lamp range. Pic: Dave Thrower/Redshift Photography

A wave of blue-free lamps is hitting the market with a promise that they won’t interfere with sleep.

It’s the lighting industry’s latest way of following the mega-trend for wellbeing and ‘sleep hygiene’.

The sun emits blue light naturally in the morning, supporting productivity and alertness.

As the day progresses, daylight naturally carries less and less blue, prompting the body to prepare for sleep.

However, people are increasingly spending most of their waking hours indoors and under artificial light, running the risk of blue light overexposure during evening hours that can inhibit restful sleep.

Thanks to a wave of books about sleep hitting the bestseller lists, awareness of the role of blue light is increasing, and driving a market for blue-free lamps.

US firm Lighting Science was the first major brand off the blocks with its Goodnight Sleep Bulb and Sleepy Baby light sources aimed at consumers.

Now Soraa – which targets the professional market – have unveiled its Zeroblue range.

The lamps emit a blue-free spectrum reducing melanopic lumens by around 40 per cent compared to conventional LEDs – and without suffering from the yellow cast of other sleep-friendly LEDs. 

Under the bonnet is an engineered mix of green and red phosphors energised by violet LEDs which leaves a wide gap in the blue range, removing blue completely while retaining a high quality of light, resulting in vibrant, natural white light and high colour rendering.

‘We know blue radiation wakes you up in the morning, getting you ready for the day, but it can be problematic at night as it interferes with our circadian rhythms and inhibits sleep—a common side effect of too much artificial blue light exposure,’ Soraa’s chief scientist Aurelien David, PhD told Lux.

 ‘We believe light has a strong impact on our everyday life, and we cannot compromise the quality of light.

‘We developed blue-free products to provide a light source that is healthy at night and respectful of your sleep cycle without sacrificing colour quality.’

The Soraa Zeroblue lamps comprise an engineered mix of green and red phosphors energised by violet LEDs which leaves a wide gap in the blue range, removing blue completely while retaining a high quality of light

Soraa co-founder and board member Shuji Nakamura, who received a Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the blue LED, advised the creation of the lamp range.

‘We are entering a new era of healthy lighting options,’ Nakamura said.

‘With the introduction of Soraa Healthy products, a first of its kind, we’re now able to more directly and positively impact the support of proper circadian health.

‘Blue-free solutions are just the beginning as we continue to develop advanced, dynamic lighting solutions that most closely match light found only in nature.’


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