Dyson task light tracks local daylight

DYSON HAS unveiled a ground-breaking task light which matches the characteristics of local daylight.

The LightCycle is programmed via an app top. Chief lighting engineer Jake Dyson, above, says that our bodies can be influenced by daylight's changing spectrum of colour and brightness.

The LightCycle, two years in development, uses an algorithm on a built-in chip to mimic natural light in intensity and colour temperature.

During set-up via a smart phone, the product learns time of day and year and its location from the phone’s GPS. It then matches this using its in-built data.

It also automatically adjusts brightness to suit the user’s age. Dyson points out that as we get older, our eye muscles weaken and our lenses harden, so in later life we can need up to four times the light we need when we were in our twenties.

The LightCycle can also perform the unique trick of delivering a specified luminance on the working plane - as the light source is moved up and down, the brightness adjusts to maintain consistent illumination.

The internal settings can be overridden of course, and there are a number of preset modes: brighter for studying, when you need concentration; warmer light when you want to relax; or boost when you need brighter light for a short period of time.

The LightCycle uses Dyson’s long-established Heat Pipe technology to efficiently cool the LEDs, allowing the company to claim a rated life of 60 years.

Dyson is careful not to use the words ‘human centric’ with the LightCycle, a phrasing which has come to imply demonstrable scientific benefits, instead favouring the words ‘wellbeing lighting’.

This term puts the product right at the centre of the mega-trend for employee-centric workplaces, but its hefty price tag – £450 for the desk light and £650 for the floor-standing version –  means only the most well-heeled employer is likely to specify it.

The LightCycle was designed at the company’s headquarters in Malmesbury in the UK and manufactured in Malaysia.



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