Aluminium firm to pay monthly for bespoke lights

A MANUFACTURER of aluminium products has installed custom lighting which highlights any flaws in its extruded profiles - and it’s paying for the installation on a monthly basis.

The so-called ‘lighting as a service’ arrangement means the company uses an operational budget rather than a capital budget for the special lighting.

The Zumtobel continuous-row Tecton lighting system and the Craft high-bay provide the general illumination in the halls.

The ST Extruded Products Group in Saxony, Germany, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extruded aluminium profiles, was keen to modernise its lighting and help its quality team improve visual inspections of the metal surfaces.

In its production hall in Bitterfeld, where the aluminium profiles are manufactured, tested and processed, the new lighting combines colour temperature contrasts with precise colour lines to enable flawless surface illumination.

There is a blend of neutral and cold-white colour temperatures, arranged longitudinally, which is reflected in the aluminium profiles in a linear and high-contrast way to create the optimum environment for casting a careful eye over the shiny surfaces.

When the quality is flawless, observers viewing the metal at a specific angle see a clean reflection made up of perfect linear lines.

But if something is not quite right, the lines are suddenly interrupted or distorted. This produces a reflection that appears warped and uneven and therefore helps make sure that any defects and irregularities are detected immediately.

Workers can then react right away and remove any faulty aluminium profiles before shipment.

Additionally, the overall lighting level has increased – no matter where you are in the factory. There has been a positive effect on employee fatigue. Flickering light has become a thing of the past.

The Zumtobel continuous-row Tecton lighting system and the Craft high-bay provide the general illumination in the halls. The Craft is specially engineered to allow smooth airflow over the heatsinking to minimise the amount of dust and dirt that gathers on the luminaire.

The high contrast light lines for inspecting the surfaces of the finished profiles is provided by the Coesa luminaire.

Instead of simply buying the luminaires, the ST Extruded Products Group opted to lease the entire lighting installation from Zumtobel using its lighting-as-a-service financing plan over a defined time period.

Much of the installation of the lights took place alongside normal production in the factory, without any manufacturing downtime.


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