LuxLive Viewpoint: Perry Hazel, Borough of Southwark

PERRY HAZEL is responsible for public lighting in the London Borough of Southwark. Lux’s Robert Bain caught up with him at the LuxLive exhibition and conference in London to talk innovation, adaptive lighting and human-centric lighting.


What brings you to LuxLive today?

I come to LuxLive mainly because of the innovation in products. It's good to keep up with different types of developments not just in the technology but how we apply lighting as well'.


What are the challenges and opportunities that you face with lighting?

'It's challenging. I think budget constraints are a big thing at the moment. We're looking into products that can allow us an additional revenue stream such as sensor-ready luminaires [whose information] we can then sell on to different providers. It's something we're personally looking at and so that we can bring new money into the local authority rather than just budget cuts all the time.

What's most exciting about lighting right now?

'I think adaptive lighting, in general, and especially human-centric lighting. Adaptive colour – especially going from warm white to cool white – is really interesting and we’re exploring how we can apply that further on in some of our installations.

'Also we’re looking at how you get additional productivity out of office lighting if we can increase the light [levels] or increase the coolness of the white lighting. It's interesting, and definitely a new and improved way of looking at things for us.


What are you looking forward to hearing about in the conferences?

'I am specifically looking to go to Alan Grant's conference about the blue light impact on public health and the public concerns about that.  How can we mitigate that,  and is it the street lighting causing the issues or is it possibly the TVs, iPads and the other technology that we use during the night time that’s affecting melatonin production and our circadian rhythm'.


  • Learn about the future of public lighting from 200 speakers at LuxLive 2019, taking place on Wednesday 13 November and Thursday 14 November 2019 at London ExCeL. Entry is free. See the full programme and register for a place HERE.