Biodynamic lighting ‘very misunderstood’ in the UK

BIODYNAMIC lighting is ‘very misunderstood’ in the UK compared to continental Europe, says a leading specialist.

Jim Ashley-Down, managing director of Waldmann Lighting in the UK and Ireland, is concerned at the levels of confusion about the concept.

‘The biggest challenge for us at the moment is industry acceptance of some of the more difficult things that are going on now. So for example we've been doing biodynamic lighting for 15 years in in hospitals and care homes in Germany and Switzerland. It's a very well understood thing to do over there but in the UK it's still very misunderstood and there's a lot of confusion.

Ashley-Down believes that ‘the fact that we're now talking more about the human’ is the best thing that's happening in the lighting business. Pic: Waldmann Lighting

‘There's a lot of people doing it wrong. A lot of manufacturers are describing human-centric lighting as biodynamic lighting so there's just too much confusion. And that's a massive challenge for us’.

Waldmann is taking part in a three-year research project into biophilic design with the Building Research Establishment in the UK.

‘The idea is to show best practice in interior design from all aspects, including the lighting, the carpeting, the desking, the walls, everything’.

Speaking at the LuxLive 2018 exhibition and conference, Ashley-Down said he believes that ‘the fact that we're now talking more about the human’ is the best thing that's happening in the lighting business at the moment.

‘We’ve spent far too long talking about energy efficiency and saving a few watts here and a few lumens there.

‘But that's an old story. Everybody's doing that now. So now that we're putting the human back at the centre of the conversation I think that's a really exciting time to be involved’.

He believes live events such as LuxLive help clients and specifiers connect with lighting. ‘It’s very important that people actually get to see [biodynamic lighting] in the flesh. Most of our products are very technologically based and very light quality based. So it's not really something that you can pick up from a catalogue or a website. So to enable people to see it or is really good for us’.



  • Learn more about biodynamic lighting at the Lighting for Workplace and Wellbeing conference which takes place at the LuxLive 2019 exhibition on Wednesday 13 November and Thursday 14 November 2019 at London ExCeL. Entry is free. See the full programme and register for a place HERE.