Spurs pitch lights are world first

PREMIERSHIP football club Tottenham Hotspur has unveiled an innovative grow-lighting system for its pitch which is integrated into the stadium.

The revolutionary moving structure weighs approximately 120 tonnes with 864 individual lights covering a total of 7,525 square metres.

The north London team is using a revolutionary moving structure whose design enables grow lights to have full coverage of the pitch without any impact on the grass surface.

The system is quicker and more effective to operate than traditional ‘wheeled-in’ units used at other stadiums, including the club’s previous home at White Hart Lane.

The revolutionary moving structure weighs approximately 120 tonnes with 864 individual lights covering a total of 7,525 square metres.

Grow lighting systems are used to create an optimum growing environment when there is limited direct sunlight getting to the grass, as is the case in most large stadia.

The old pitch grow lighting system at the Lane consisted of traditional ‘wheeled-in’ units rolled onto the pitch and manoeuvred into position.

The world-first integrated pitch grow lighting system is now in operation at the ambitious £850 million ($1.2 billion) development.

The club’s engineers have now developed an integrated system that is quicker and more effective to operate from a dedicated storage room underneath the North Stand.

From here, the structure is lifted hydraulically onto rails mounted permanently on the east and west pitch trays and then seamlessly rolls from one end of the pitch to the other.

This enables full coverage of the pitch without equipment ever coming directly into contact with the grass surface.

There is even enough distance between the pitch and the grow lighting system to enable ground staff to continue to tend to the grass even when the system is in use.

The £850 million ($1.2 billion) stadium, top, will use 324 LED floodlights mounted in groups of six on 54 rooftop columns. Above: Harry Kane, Davinson Sanchez and Sergio Ramos pictured during the UEFA Champions League clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid. Picture:  CosminIftode / Shutterstock.com

An irrigation system is fitted on top of the structure so that the grass can be watered from above when the units are in use.

In addition, the a special analyser system measures all pitch and growth conditions 24 hours a day and displays data to the grounds staff on an online portal.'

Darren Baldwin, head of playing surfaces and estates at Tottenham Hotspur, told the press: ‘We’re really proud that a collaborative approach between the club, SGL, SCX and Hewitt Sportsturf has resulted in an innovative design.

We’re striving for excellence throughout the stadium and this technology could be a trendsetter for pitch care in stadia across the world.’

The grow lights system follows on from another world-first at the 61,559-seat stadium – just over a year ago, the club and SCX revealed its design for a groundbreaking dividing retractable pitch, making the stadium the first of its kind in the UK to have two pitches inside the same bowl to create a truly world-class multi-use venue.

The fully retractable grass surface will be used for football matches whilst the artificial pitch underneath will be used for NFL matches, music concerts and a range of other events, protecting the integrity of both playing surfaces.

Additionally, Spurs has confirmed that its pitch will be lit by 324 LED floodlights.

The LED luminaires will be mounted in groups of six on 54 rooftop columns. The roof consists of glass panels that angle over the stands but leave the playing field open.



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