Debenhams invests in tuneable changing-room lights

HIGH-STREET stalwart Debenhams has installed colour-tuneable lighting in the changing rooms at one of its latest stores.

The main sales floors feature Fagerhult Touch smart spotlights, including the 90+CRI Touch Midi, for general merchandise lighting from ceiling slots.

The investment is a demonstration that the brand’s retail managers have become convinced that the right lighting can boost sales at the crucial time when shoppers are making their buying decision.

The installation – at Debenham’s new outlet in Stevenage, Hertfordshire – is one of the first times the concept has been used on the high street outside of flagship stores in the West End of London.

Selfridge’s pioneered colour-tuning lighting at its private shopping department in the 1990s in a design by dpa lighting design.

At Debenhams in Stevenage, the adults’ changing rooms feature three circuits with different colour temperatures to create different scenarios.

The ‘work’ setting mimics the cool 4000K which most offices provide; the ‘dinner’ option features a colour temperature of 2700K which is very warm, taking inspiration from the more domestic ambience of a restaurant; finally, the ‘outdoors’ choice has a colour temperature of 3500K with a high uniformity is high, with all fittings at 80 per cent output. The children’s changing rooms follows typical scenarios such as school, bedtime and playtime.
The changing rooms feature high colour rendering sources in a variety of beam angles to create a layered light approach. Each one of the elements is digitally altered by a Dali control system for each scene by dimming and tuning the light independently in each fitting.
The changing room lighting was developed by Fagerhult, which also supplied its Touch smart spotlights, including the 90+CRI Touch Midi, for general merchandise lighting from ceiling slots.

The 80,000 square foot, two-storey store is on the former Toys R Us site.


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