Kitemark returns to lighting as stamp of quality

THE BRITISH Standards Kitemark – traditionally one of the most recognised marks of quality and safety in the UK – is set to return to prominence for lighting products if an industry initiative is successful.

How the branding will look for the lighting industry

The Lighting Industry Association has teamed up with the British Standards Institution to establish the ‘Kitemark for Commercial Lighting’ which it hopes will become accepted as the benchmark of quality in the industry.

Although the Kitemark has been widely used for emergency lights, it is less well known for mainstream luminaires and for many, it will be a return to a trusted standard more familiar from the past.

In a statement, the LIA said: ‘The BSI Kitemark for Commercial Lighting is a step forward in product safety and quality, which will drive up standards and further reduce the risks of product recalls and returns. It encompasses a wide range of lighting products and of course, includes LEDs.

The LIA Laboratory in Telford will be used for testing light fittings for the award of the Kitemark

‘Whilst recognising the achievements of commercial lighting manufacturers that consistently meet the highest possible standards, the BSI Kitemark also provides an important marketing tool for manufacturers of commercial lighting products’.

Speaking about the partnership, Greg Childs of the BSI told Lux: ‘The BSI Kitemark is a symbol that around 70 per cent of the British public recognises, and one that has given millions of Britons over the last century the knowledge and comfort that the products they come into contact with are safe and reliable.’

The LIA Laboratory in Telford will be used for testing light fittings for the award of the Kitemark, said the LIA’s chief executive Steve Davies.

‘Testing to the Kitemark cements the position of the LIA Laboratory as a leading provider for testing and certification within the lighting industry and we are proud to be in partnership with BSI, to support commercial lighting.’

A special event will be held at the LIA offices in Telford on 27 June 2018.

The event will be an opportunity for businesses in the lighting sector to find out how the BSI Kitemark™ for Commercial Lighting can help their businesses, says the LIA.

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