Pitch lights will be LED, says Spurs

NORTH LONDON soccer team Tottenham Hotspur has confirmed that its pitch will be lit by 324 LED floodlights.

The lighting at the ambitious £850 million ($1.2 billion) stadium has to comply with tough television standards for both the Premier League and the US National Football League, whose games it will host.

Spurs hopes to open its new 61,559-seat stadium in time for home games in the 2018 season, which begins in August. 

The LED luminaires will be mounted in groups of six on 54 rooftop columns. The roof consists of glass panels that angle over the stands but leave the playing field open.

But Spurs, as the team is popularly known, declined to reveal the lighting supplier.

‘We'll make an announcement on club supplier for field lighting in due course once everything is finalised,’ a spokesperson told LEDs Magazine. ‘Until then we can’t obviously publicise who this might end up being.’

Recent suppliers to Premier League teams include Philips Lighting and US manufacturer Musco.

Spurs last summer anointed Austrian LED luminaire maker Zumtobel as the lighting partner for the stadium. But the partnership did not include field lighting. Rather, it focused on digital illumination for the ‘fan experience’.

Tottenham's Harry Kane reacts after a goal socred by his team during the UEFA Champions League Group E game between Tottenham Hotspur and AS Monaco at Wembley Stadium.

While LED stadium lighting is catching on in many professional sports venues, such as in Major League Baseball and NFL venues, sometimes stadium operators are choosing to upgrade with non-LED systems. LEDs have a major advanage over high-intensity discharge lighting in their ability to 'hot restrike'. In the event of an interruption, HID lamps need to cool down before they can be energised but LEDs can be turned on immediately.

Spurs hopes to open its new 61,559-seat stadium in time for home games in the 2018 season, which begins in August. The stadium is scheduled to host a NFL game between the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks on October 14.

The team is promoting the facility as ‘a world-class sports and entertainment destination’.

Its many modern touches will include an information technology network from Hewlett Packard, a retractable grass field that can give way to artificial turf, several restaurants and clubs including a Sky Lounge with views of the city and a glass-walled ‘Tunnel Club’, a microbrewery, a bakery, and what’s being billed as the UK’s longest bar at around 285 ft.

It also includes a rising single tier of 17,500 seats at one end designed to enhance crowd noise by creating what Spurs calls a ‘wall of sound’.

Spurs is believed to be seeking £400 million (around $552 million) in naming rights.


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  • Mark Halper is a contributing editor for Lux Review and LEDs Magazine.


Main pic and top: Tottenham Hotspur Above: Shutterstock 2017