Dynamic version of revolutionary skylight introduced

THE MANUFACTURERS of a multi-award winning artificial skylight have unveiled a new version.

When the Coelux luminaire was introduced in 2014, it caused a sensation in the lighting industry with its advanced optics and clever technology. It could – for the first time – reproduce the phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering, which makes the sky blue.  It could also artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky, creating the sensation of infinite space through an artificial window.

The new version – dubbed the CoeLux LS – and set to unveiled at the industry’s Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt next month – is designed for ceiling installation and it recreates the changeable nature of a real sky. It will imitate a sunny day and its interactions with other elements of nature, such as clouds.
‘The sky is always able to surprise us,’ a spokesperson for Coelux told Lux. The company says the CoeLux LS – whose opening measures 30cm by 108cm –  is easier to install than previous iterations and is dimmable

The LS is based on a technology that comprises three main elements:  a cutting-edge LED technology that replicates the sunlight’s spectrum, a sophisticated optical system that creates the depth of view and a millimetre-thick nano-structured material that creates the Rayleigh scattering process, to produce the light and the colour of the sky in the atmosphere.

The CoeLux company is a high-tech spin-off of Insubria University in Como, Italy, founded by Professor Paolo Di Trapani.



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