10 incredibly shrinking lights you could easily miss

Light fittings are getting smaller. Much smaller. In fact, you could probably fit this whole list in your pocket.

Driving this miniaturisation is, of course, the LED. New chip-on-board and flip-chip LEDs are seriously small and are allowing luminaire designers to take things down a notch or two. Combined with modern optics, these micro wonders often outperform their chunky cousins. Here’s our list of the latest little wonders…


1. Minimis
Octant/Phi Lighting

Just 18mm in diameter, this IP67-rated micro uplight is engineered from milled grade-5 titanium for durability and weather resistance. It’s aimed at the luxury superyacht market.

2. Plaza S3x

This mini architectural floodlight pumps out 320 lumens at an efficiency of 90 lumens per watt. A nice feature is its internal junction box which allows through wiring.

3. Edinburgh

Part owned by Ikea, Scottish firm Design LED invented a flexible LED light sheets with embedded optics, which it has now integrated into a 6mm-thick luminaire.

4. Zip Three
Vode Lighting

This ultra-thin, bi-directional fixture can be specified as an uplight, a downlight, or both – all in a thickness of just 7mm. Output is a chunky 8826 Iumens per metre.

5. Palco LV Framer

Framing projectors – which match the light to a picture  – don’t come much smaller than the tiny Palco, which at a diameter of 19mm is iGuzzini’s smallest spotlight.

6. Atto
Precision Lighting

Billed as ‘the smallest specification-grade architectural spotlight in the world’, Atto is 12mm in diameter and produces 105 lumens in a CRI of 95 for just 1W.

7. Airelight

Just 4mm wide, this recessed linear LED luminaire delivers 1,655 lumens per metre at 120 lm/W and magnetically attaches to a T-grid.

8. Nano+ Focus

Tiny track-mounted LED spots with a diameter of just 22mm. They’re rotatable and tiltable, but best of all, you can manually adjust the beam from 12 to 40 degrees.

9. EM Ready2apply

Incredibly, this complete emergency light fits through a 40mm hole and within a ceiling void of 80mm.  It combines lots of clever tech, including an LiFePO4 battery pack.

10. The Blade|

This baby wall washer is appearing in a lot of lists these days. No wonder, it has great optics and at just 28mm it’s the world smallest.


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