The bridge lighting triggered by trains

A RAILWAY bridge in Croatia has been given a unique lighting makeover with a dynamic LED light treatment that’s triggered by trains passing over it.

At night the 300 metre-long Green Bridge bridge – known locally in Zagreb as the ‘Hendrix’ bridge after graffiti homaging the legendary rock guitarist – is bathed in an almost ethereal white light showing off its arch, spans and graceful design.

A train on the Green Bridge triggering the multicoloured light show

But as a train approaches, it’s detected by a sensor and the white light fades to black causing the bridge to seemingly disappear. Then, as the first coach behind the locomotive crosses the bridge, coloured LED fittings come on in sync with the speed of the train crossing the bridge. Both the bridge and train are bathed in a moving ribbon of colour worthy of a riff from the bridge’s namesake. As the train disappears the white light returns.

The design, by top lighting designer Dean Skira, features luminaires by Philips. ‘Most bridges are utilitarian in appearance,’ said Skira. ‘Few of them possess the architectural or structural ingredients required to be able to use light as a medium to enhance the beauty of the engineering. What we created with Philips was something very special.’

The revitalized railway bridge makes the surrounding area more attractive for locals and visitors. ‘The goal was to upgrade the visual identity of the City of Zagreb as part of our plan to enhance city life around the Sava river,’ Ivan Babić, head of the city's infrastructural services department, told Lux.

‘The innovative LED lighting has now become a tourist attraction with people often stopping to take pictures in front of it.’






  • Video: Damil Kalogjera  Photos: Danijel Bartoli and Damil Kalogjera