Control the lights from your phone at Hilton

HILTON HOTELS has unveiled a high-tech guest room that enables guests to control the lighting from their phone.

Dubbed ‘Connected Room’, the technology allows guests to also control the temperature, the TV and the window blinds.

Connected Room is live in one hotel but will be rolled out in coming weeks in several more, and will begin to scale rapidly to hotels across the United States in 2018.

In the longer-term, Connected Room will support a range of connected devices, engagements and experiences. Guests will able to use voice commands to control their room or access their content, and to upload their own artwork and photos to automatically display in their room. Guests will also be able to set various preferences in their Hilton Honors account profile to further customize their in-room experience to their individual preferences.

‘At Hilton, almost all digital products are born out of necessity and shortcomings in the marketplace - and Connected Room is no exception’, Joshua Sloser, senior vice president of digital product, Hilton, told Lux. ‘The technology we put in hotel rooms has to be intuitive, simple and quick to pick up because guests typically spend a limited amount of time in their rooms and we want them to spend that time enjoying the experience instead of adapting to new technology.’

Hilton says the Connected Room is the industry's ‘first truly mobile-centric’ room, building on the success of the Hilton Honors app. Hilton says that the digital adoption is rapid: Honors members are already using the app to check-in, select their room, and open their hotel room's door with Digital Key. Since the technology was launched, there have been some 34 million digital check-ins,  four million room key downloads and more than 18.7 million doors opened. In the month of October, a door was unlocked with Digital Key every 1.5 seconds.