Flagship office with IoT lighting opens in Italy

A SHOWPIECE office with Internet of Things-connected lighting has opened to acclaim in Turin.

The headquarters of the Agnelli Foundation – funded by the family who owns Fiat – features personalised heating, cooling and lighting for each employee as they move around the building.

The 100-year-old edifice boasts hundreds of sensors which monitor different sets of data, including the location of the building’s occupants, the temperature, the CO2 concentration, and the availability of meeting rooms.

By interacting with the Building Management System (BMS), each person can customise his or her workspace experience, adjusting lighting, heating and air-conditioning. A smartphone app allows the occupants to check in, interact with colleagues, book meeting rooms, and regulate environmental settings in real time.

By synchronising energy usage and human occupancy, the architects Carlo Ratti Associates, estimate the energy consumption by cut by up to 40 per cent.


Once building occupants set their preferred temperature via the smartphone app, a ‘thermal bubble’ follows them throughout the building, as the fan coil units, situated in the false ceilings, are activated by human presence. 

When an occupant leaves a given space, the room returns to standby mode and saves energy – just like a computer does. By synchronising energy usage and human occupancy in this way, the architects Carlo Ratti Associates, estimate the energy consumption by cut by up to 40 per cent.

The redesign by Carlo Ratti Associates shows that the IoT technologies can be successfully applied not only to new build projects but to heritage buildings too.

The Agnelli Foundation was the home of FIAT’s founder Giovanni Agnelli in the early 20th century.The villa’s historical staircase is illuminated by a newly-opened skylight and by a kaleidoscopic installation by the artist Olafur Eliasson

The lighting designer on the project was Roberto Pomè and system integration was by the Building Technologies Division of Siemens.


  • Rick Jacobs, managing director global workplace solutions at CBRE, will speak about office lighting at LuxLive 2017. The presentation, entitled ’How IoT lights can help offices get more from less’, will explore how location-tracking technology embedded in luminaires is giving building owners insights into how their space is used.
    The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion. Just one of a series of presentations on office lighting at the event, it takes place at 2.35pm on Wednesday 15 November at the LuxLive 2017 exhibition and conference at ExCeL London.
    The show itself runs on both Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November 2017.  Entry is free if you pre-register. See the full programme and register HERE.

Main pic: Copyright Carlo Ratti Associates 2017






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