LEDs found to increase yields in wide range of plants

Improvements in weight, morphology, flowering, root development and flavour have been spotted in plants grown under supplemental LED lights in greenhouses.

Tomato plants have been found to show a 45 per cent increase in height and weight when cultivated under LED lights.

The new research, which was conducted by LumiGrow, who develop LED technology for use on farms, noted an increase in flowering observed in cucumber plants, as well as a reduction in the spread of powdery mildew, which is a common problem.

Increased flowering rates were also found in tomato and cannabis plants. The research also aimed to pinpoint the optimum supplemental LED light intensity for strawberry production.

The research was presented by Dr. Xiuming Hao and Shalin Khosla of Harrow Research and by Dr. Melanie Yelton, who is vice president of research at LumiGrow, to an exclusive grower’s council at Harrow Research and Development Centre.

A broad range of growers made up the audience, including vegetable, floriculture and cannabis producers, all looking to take full advantage of the LED revolution in horticulture.

The research found that 32 days after they were planted and nourished under LED light, the tomato plants showed a 45 percent increase in height and a 28 percent increase in weight.

Improvements in weight, morphology, flowering, root development and flavour were also spotted.

LumiGrow’s inventive Grow Light Sensor technology was also displayed and discussed at the meeting. The sensor is able to measure and monitor ambient light from the sun and then analyses this collated information to decide how much supplemental LED light is required in the greenhouse to keep conditions consistent.

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