Emergency Lighting Conference programme unveiled

The Lux Emergency Lighting Conference will return in June 2017 to offer a day of exclusive presentations and interactive sessions.

The event will take place on the 28th of June 2017 at the Cavendish Conference Centre near Oxford Circus in Central London.

Emergency lighting has the ability to save lives and ruin careers, if it is installed incorrectly.

The standards and regulations within this arena are often changing and the technological advances move just as quickly, often making it difficult to keep up to speed.

The Lux Emergency Lighting Conference aims to dispel this time-lag in a single day, by offering a string of pertinent talks and discussions.

As well as offering a run through of current obligations to ensure compliance with emergency lighting standards, the conference will also examine the common pitfalls that can often put you in breach of emergency lighting and fire regulations.

The conference will also examine the concept of stay-put lighting and how it could work in practice in the field.

The Lux event will also consider the best ways to integrate controls and emergency lighting. What is the best way to integrate the two? And are there any particular issues with Dali based systems.

Finally, the conference will consider the benefits of requiring BAFE-accreditation from suppliers.

An increasing number of organisations, included the UK Ministry of Defence, require suppliers of emergency lighting systems to be accredited by the British Approvals Board for Fire Equipment, the conference will explore what is the rationale behind this decision.


You can find out more about the 2017 Emergency Lighting Conference and register to attend by clicking here.


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