LED revolution in horticulture 'creates big opportunities'

The unique properties of LED lighting are leading to a revolution in horticulture and the technology is rapidly replacing traditional sources such as high-pressure sodium and metal halide. 

The ability to tune the output of LED lighting is changing fundamentally how we grow plants.

Because LEDs offer unprecedented opportunities to manipulate wavelength, pulse duration and spectral output, they can modify the structural and chemical characteristics of plants, enabling growers to extract greater yields from crop production. Additionally, light can produce suppressive effects on disease-causing viruses, while maintaining plant health and productivity.

The booming market is set to be explored in two conferences this year: first, the Lighting Fixture Design conference in London on Tuesday 21 February and Wednesday 22 February and second, the dedicated Horticultural Lighting Conference in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on Tuesday 23 May 2017.

At the London event, agricultural lighting expert John Matcham, will explore how LEDs are proving a game changer in both the horticulture and agriculture sectors. For poultry and livestock, LEDs can deliver fast weight gain, lower feed consumption, rapid maturity and longer reproductive lives, while in horticulture, tunable LEDs can have a dramatic effect on yield and payback.

At the one-day Horticulture Lighting Conference topics will include: Light and crops: The fundamentals; understanding LEDs; LED versus traditional grow lighting technology; metrics and methods; how to use tunable LEDs to manipulate crop production; what the research tells us about LEDs;  LEDs and fruit production and vertical farming using LEDs.



  • The  Lighting Fixture Design conference takes place in the Cavendish Conference Centre in London on Wednesday 20 June and Thursday 21 June 2018. To view the full programme, click HERE.





  • The Horticulture Lighting conference takes place in Utrecht, The Netherlands on 14-15 May 2018. For more information, click HERE.





Picture copyright Penn State University 2016


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